John Prescott, Jr.


John is a graduate of the University of Georgia earning a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations with a minor emphasis in Political Science. John has over 20 years of experience in both public and private probation supervision and administration.

John began his career with the Georgia Department of Corrections in 1991 and held a number of positions with the Department over nine years. John cultivated his offender management skills as a Probation Officer I and II in the Newton and Walton County Probation offices.

John supervised a variety of probationers to include registered sex offenders, drug offenders mandated to high-risk supervision and treatment and a caseload of student-offenders subject to strict supervision requirements.

In 1993, John transferred to the Walton County Probation Office, where he continued a demanding role, supervising a caseload of high-risk offenders, a number of which were determined to be a part of the network of drug distribution. John worked closely with several Sheriff’s departments and the East Metro Drug Enforcement Team executing searches for drugs and contraband, as well serving warrants in tandem with local law enforcement.

John was promoted to Probation Officer III in 1998 and was responsible for supervising eight employees and ensuring that all operations were in compliance with policies and procedures of the Georgia Department of Corrections and local policies established by the Superior Court of Walton County.

John was recruited by a former Georgia Department of Corrections Regional Director to join BI, Incorporated, a privately managed probation company in 1999. During his tenure with BI, Inc., John provided management leadership to over 20 probation offices and fifty employees in Georgia and South Carolina, with annual revenues in excess of 1.5 million dollars.

John was integral in the founding of Southeast Corrections in 2005, along with Roy Harrell and Michelle Autry. Since 2005, John and the executive management team have added 20 courts as Southeast Corrections customers. John was highly involved with the startup of the Gwinnett County State Court operation in June of 2010. John aided in the integration of over 3,600 probationers previously supervised by Professional Probation Services (PPS) to Southeast Corrections.

With leadership from John and the executive management team, Southeast Corrections has grown into a highly respected deliverer of probation services to courts in North and South Georgia and has seen revenues increase to over 3 million dollars.

John is an active member of Athens Church in Athens Georgia and routinely participates in international mission trips providing medical assistance, construction projects, and other humanitarian support.